For over 26 years, PreSchool Partners has been providing a quality early education to families living in Birmingham.   Children who are enrolled in high quality preschool programs are more prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn, are more likely to read at grade level by the third grade and are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college.  At PreSchool Partners, we are providing tools that can generate lifelong benefits for our students and families to change their trajectories during school years and beyond.
Preschool Children
Children’s Program
We believe that children learn best through play.  Our curriculum is based on research and best practices.  Since our mission is school readiness, we provide a highly structured learning environment that teaches the academic, behavior, and social skills needed for a successful start in kindergarten.  We have two highly qualified teachers in every classroom and classes are kept small so that each child receives individualized attention. We also believe that exposing our students to new experiences encourages growth.  We provide enrichment activities that include:
Gymnastics                         Tennis & Golf                     Soccer                   Music
Field Trips            Performances by Birmingham Children’s Theater


These activities are provided to all our students at no cost. Our teachers and our curriculum encourage a life-long love of learning.  
Preschool Children
Parent Program


We offer reduced tuition to every family if they participate in our Parent Program on Monday mornings, which 95% of our families choose to do.  We train the parents on ways to support their child’s educational process while also offering them opportunities to improve their parenting and life skills. The parents hear from professionals on a variety of subjects such as stress and anger management, nutrition, child development, family literacy, and money management.
We strongly believe that success in school requires parental involvement.
Diverse Classrooms
There is a growing demand for diversity in Birmingham, but it can be challenging to find. PreSchool Partners is proud to be providing diverse classrooms and opportunities to bridge communities. Studies show that exposure to peers with different physical characteristics such as skin tone, eye shape, and hair not only helps with establishing identity, but also encourages acceptance and respect for differences among peers. Research illustrates the importance of providing classroom diversity as early as possible.